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Hamlet And His Traits Of Character - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 806 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Literature Essay Level High school Topics: Hamlet Essay William Shakespeare Essay Did you like this example? Hamlet is a story known as a Revenge Tragedy at the end of the sixteenth century. People with certain levels of power in this time period were likely to get away with criminal activity. Law officials of this time were unable or unwilling to catch these people to make them pay for their crimes. Revenge was a common way of settling disputes and old scores. Belleforest retold a story from a 12th-century Latin work, the Historiae Danicae, by Saxo Grammaticus, first published in 1514. Saxo provides the earliest complete account of a legendary tale †ninth-century fragments are known from the Icelandic sagas of Amleth, a Danish nobleman who took revenge after his uncle killed his father and married his mother(48). The name Amleth, from Old Norse, means dim-witted or brutish, in reference to his stratagem of feigning madness after his fathers murder. Many other elements of Hamlet including a dramatic encounter between Amleth and his mother, during which he kills a spy; his love affair with a beautiful woman; his exile to England and his escape by replacing the order for his execution with one condemning his escorts are present in Saxos account. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Hamlet And His Traits Of Character" essay for you Create order The second characteristic form the meditation on the instant of death, is the most germane to Hamlet and to the Revenge. These extension, attribute largely to the noble and brooding mind of the revenger, are well expressed by him as thoughts(Jorgensen Pg.48). Hamlet is seen as a violence person as it is said, Many of the subsequent violent elements-the murder of polonius, the leaping into Ophelias grave, the fatal duel with laertes. Jorgensen(Pg.48). It gives to the play not only plot but also what we have called the tragedy passion. Jorgensen (Pg.47). It is only Hamlets extrovert fooling and his displays of madness that draw claudius attention to him. Hamlets antic disguise, in other words, fools claudius not for one minute. Davies (Pg. 73). Although , we can see how Hamlets pretended madness and foolery help to disguise his motivations in a chaotic show of misdirection and evasion. Davies (Pg.73). The thought of deliberate murder to his father was very revolting to Hamlet. Hamlet was wondering whether his dad was a good or evil ghost. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, as well as Polonius, were constantly spying on him. He planned to have the players enact before the king and the court a scene resembling the one that, according to the ghost, had taken place the day the old king died. By watching Claudius during the performance, Hamlet hoped to discover the truth for himself. (Pg. 35). When the queen summoned Hamlet to her chamber to reprimand him for his insolence to Claudius, Hamlet, remembering what the ghost had told him, spoke to her so violently that she screamed for help. A noise behind a curtain followed her cries, and Hamlet, suspecting that Claudius was eavesdropping, plunged his sword through the curtain, killing old Polonius. Fearing an attack on his own life, the king hastily ordered Hamlet to England in company with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who carried a warrant for Hamlets death. The prince discovered the orders and altered them so that the bearers should be killed on their arrival in England. Hamlet then returned to Denmark. Only Hamlet, a man on whom rests what G.Wilson Knight calls, the embassy of death, remains darkly alone. Jorster (Pg. 49). The play concerns the purging, partly by revenge, of a corrupt society. Jorgensen (Pg. 48). Hamlet has learned from the Ghost of his father the terrible story of the latters murder by his brother, Claudius, who has usurped the crown and married the murdered Kings widow, Hamlets mother. The Ghost has made Hamlet swear to avenge the crime, and Hamlet has undertaken to assassinate Claudius. Now, conscious of the terrible duty that he, a scholar rather than a man of action, has taken upon himself, he muses on the possibility of suicide as an escape from his task. Shakespeare found compelling interesting during these years and probably never again a protagonist who is not primarily of heroic stature. Jorgensen(Pg.48) However, one passage in Hamlet, describing the competition of the Players with a troupe of child actors clearly refers to the War of the Theaters, a rivalry among acting companies that dominated the London theater in the spring of 1601. If Hamlet was written in 1600, then this passage must have been inserted later. Some scholars, however, hold that Hamlet was written in its entirety in early 1601 and that either Antonios Revenge was Shakespeares source rather than the other way around or both Marston and Shakespeare took their common materials from the Ur-Hamlet. Hamlet is unavailable to her as a stable romantic hero or as a potential husband: his show of madness. Is Hamlet a hero, then or a villain? Can a madman, or a revenge for that matter be ethnically consisten?

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Education and Philosophy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1018 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Education Essay Level High school Tags: Philosophy Of Education Essay Did you like this example? Every person in the world who has the ability to think and ponder over the facts of the world always looks at the simplest things that usually are taken by individuals as they have been in practice since the ancient times. Education is one of such things that the people of modern day world have just taken as an everyday life necessity or as something which is crucial for a person to get so as to make a living for himself and the people that will be associated to him closely afterwards in life. Little do the people understand that there must be a distinct philosophy for each person through which he or she can define what education means to them personal attributes they observed in themselves as a result of adapting that specified philosophy. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Education and Philosophy" essay for you Create order This essay is my attempt on defining what my personal philosophy of education is and how I, as a teacher, see it or can describe it to others. My personal philosophy of education simple yet I feel it a little difficult to explain it clearly to others. First of all you must understand my notion that education must be something that a person gains with his or her own passion while freeing himself or herself from all the pressures and pre conceived notions of the society and cultures. A person who has always been longing to get to know more about literature or arts will not ever be able to happily learn anything new or any information from the field of maths or sciences if he is forced to do so no matter how useful or interesting it seems to the human mind. I believe that education is something that an individual gets to add more to the previously existing knowledge of what he or she has even be interested in and some parts of what have already had been there in his or her mind. If a person struggles every passing minute of his life just so they can learn something from their degree although they have never been interested in learning that, I will never call it education no matter what prestige is associated to the subject he is learning or whether the institution he has been enrolled in is the best in this world. Education, I believe, is meant to empower people, to enable them to use their creativity and abilities constructively apart from providing them with kno wledge. And any kind of education, which is being forced over the individual, has not this ability to do even one of the above mentioned things hence loses the right to be called as education. As a teacher, I meet every kind of student. Some of them are passionate and happy while the others lack the motivation to even come to the classes. Some love to speak while others, even while being filled with a lot of wisdom dying to come out, are silent because the knowledge they possess is not meant for the classroom they are in. It is important for me as a teacher to help my students realize their personal abilities so that they grow as empowered individuals to be constructive citizens. I want them to be able to speak up for what they feel is right for their temper and be brave enough to for the field of study which they feel interested in no matter how down it is looked upon by the society. The purpose of educating the individual must also include opening up their minds in such a ways that their future vision is clear to them and they are able to work for the betterment of themselves and of others. It is important to me because it will help me play my part as a teacher who suppo rt people and help them make their future. The purpose of education is to increase abilities of people. The curriculum should be based on experiential learning in which learners discover new ideas and ways of doing and creating things through their own experiences. We have to understand that constantly glorifying and teaching the historical achievements of the past over and over again is not of that much use. Instead, new and interesting ways of teaching novel ideas and things can open up a whole new world of inventions no matter how much developed a field is. The curriculum should not have memorizing as its sole objective instead it should only be used a guiding force using which the pupils should be motivated to explore new ways and embark upon whole new avenues of precious pearls of knowledge and wisdom. Teacher should have strong relationship of facilitators. It is an unfortunate event of the modern day world that a teacher has been started to be seen as someone who is always rude and fears kids. The actual idea of a teacher must be the total opposite of what had been prevailing si nce many decades. The teachers duty is to be the most non-judgemental person a student can always look up to and ask questions from without the fear of being looked down upon at or being judged just because of being unaware of a certain thing. Teacher Student should respect and value their students and only then they can demand the respect in return. They should be on such high value or morality that the students take them as their idols and want to become like them in near future. Teachers should be approachable and friendly. They should allow students to share their ideas and grow up as eager learners. The teachers should never discourage children. Seeking to promote the students abilities along with enhancing their willingness towards learning is a very common practice. The best way enhance the interest of students in learning and promoting their willingness to become a better learner is to build an unconventional class room setting where there is an interactive form is discussion. Such type of cla ss rooms have been proved to enhance students mental capabilities and to intrigue their interest in learning more than that done by following old methods of teaching.

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Alliances of Ww1 Free Essays

Intro- Throughout history there has been many conflicts between groups of people that have threatened peace in many nations and regions. One of these conflicts was world war 1 which involved many countries that sided with one another against each other. There were many causes to this conflict that started all the fighting between the nations. We will write a custom essay sample on Alliances of Ww1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Each country has their own view on who’s fault it was and if it was handled correctly. This war only caused many casualties and economic problems for countries which could of easily been avoided. 1st paragraph – Alliances were a major cause of the conflicts between countries in WW1 The original disagreement was between Serbia and Austria-Hungry over the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. A Serb terrorist group were the ones to kill Ferdinand even though Austria-Hungry assumed it was the Serbian government who did the assassination. Austria asked Germany if they would back then up in a war if they fought Serbia. This was the start to all of the alliances in Europe. Then Russia told Serbia that they would back them up in war which now 4 countries are involved in the war. The sides ended up with Austria, Germany, and Italy called that central powers. Then they were fighting against the allied powers formed of Great Britain, France, Russia, And the U. S. All of the alliances ended up making this war bigger then many excepted it to be. Also have a reason for countries to build up their army so that they will win the war. Great Britain said that they would make their navy two times stronger then any navy in the world. At the same time the Germans were building up their own army on land. Once they started the war it was almost forgotten what had started the war and why they were fighting. Countries that had nothing to do with Austria and Serbia’s disagreement were joining the war just for the chance if winning and gaining more colonies. If the battle only stayed between the Austrians and the Serbs much of this could have been avoided. 2nd paragraph There are many was that you can look at how the the war was played out. One view point of the war was Germany’s and its strange how they thought about the war. At the end of the war the Germans were obviously loosing and there was no way of getting out of it. Although at the same time Woodrow Wilson had thought up the 14 points. These were rules / laws to what would happen once the war was over. Some of it stated that no one would be called the â€Å"loser† of the war. Germany was obviously happy with this because now they just got out of loosing a war badly. Also it stated everyone would lose their colonies and no one would have anymore. This was also great for Germany because they were going to lose their colonies either way, but now that other countries lose them also thats a little better. All the countries got together to discuss about the 14 points and other things forming the treaty of Versailles. Once they started discussing about the treaty it did not look good for Germany. In the treat it says Germany will get its colonies taken away and given to France and Great Britain. They were unhappy cause the 14 points said no one has colonies. The treaty also made Germany pay war reparations to many of the countries with great loss. The Germans did not have much money after the war to begin with and now are forced to pay money to nations who fought against them. Finally Germany had to take blame for all of WW1 which was a bit extreme the Germans thought. There are many countries that contributed to WW1 and to put all the blame on Germany’s shoulders did not seem right to them. That was the biggest upset to the Germans that they were blamed for the war even though they did the same thing as the other countries in the war. 3rd paragraph – In war there are 2 different stories to the side of the war. Great Britain in the war was going against the Germans and their view point was different. Britain were the ones winning the war before it was ended. The U. S. joined in at the end securing the victory for the allied powers. Woodrow Wilson brought his idea of the 14 points to Europe which Great Britain disliked. They did not like the 14 points because they would not be given credit for wining the war. Great Britain believed that since they won the war the credit should go to them, it would only be fair. Under the 14 points it also say’s that there will be no more colonies. Great Britain was excepting more colonies for them since they had won the war. This is a surprise to Britain and did not like the ideas that Woodrow Wilson had came up with. When they treaty of versailles was composed the laws were very different. Germany was blamed for the war which was implying that Germany were the losers of the war. The treaty was also intended to take away colonies except Great Britain and France were able to keep their own. This was because they were the ones composing the treaty and made it good for themselves. It turned out that since Great Britain was such a major power in Europe that they made the rules. They were the ones making the decisions at the resolution of WW1. 4th-pargraph At the end of WW1 many countries were still uneasy with the outcome of the war. The treat to end the war was called the treaty of Versailles and this decided how the end of the war would be concluded. The conflict between the countries was definitely not resolved, there were many countries dissatisfied after the war ended. Many of these countries were upset because of how the treaty of Versailles was made up. The only two countries satisfied with the treaty were Great Britain and France because they decided what would be in it. For a fair treaty you should have all of the countries that would be involved in the meeting. Leaving nations such as Germany out of the meeting causes them to get angry and most likely disobey the treaty. If all countries were allowed to attend the meeting and speak their own opinion. This war could have been settled in a more organized fashion that would have avoid any countries being agervated. I do not think this war was resolved, but easily could have if the right choices were made during makeing the treaty of Versailles. Conclusion – History has had its many conflicts between groups of people that have disagreed with each other . The conflicts of world war 1 which we’re mainly caused by alliances nations made with one another. Many reasons lead to the fighting of world war 1 . At the end of the war if the treaty that settled the fighting was fair less countries would still be unhappy . Once World War 1 ended the death and destruction that came about was incredible , all could have been avoided with more precautions. How to cite Alliances of Ww1, Papers

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Kevin Federline and Academic Competition free essay sample

I owe a lot to Kevin Federline. If it wasnt for him, my Academic Competition team would not have won our very first game last spring. It may be a little unfair to give KFed all the credit, however. Although the name of Britney Spears ex was the answer to the last question of the game, the question that gave my team the narrow ten point lead we needed to beat Concord High, I think my teammates and I deserve a little acknowledgment. I have been president of my schools academic competition team since sophomore year. We had no wins or trophies to speak of before the aforementioned match. The only thing we had to show for our dedication to the team was a plethora of random facts. By mid-sophomore year I began to notice that our moderators idea of practicing for our competitions, which essentially consisted of a game of Trivial Pursuit every meeting, was not providing us with sufficient preparation for our matches and competitions. We will write a custom essay sample on Kevin Federline and Academic Competition or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page What good would knowing that Leo Tolstoy took six years to write War Peace or that Wrigleys gum was the fist product to have a bar code serve if we werent being taught how to be effective learners? I began devising a plan that would whip my teammates and me into shape and, by the end of sophomore year, our meetings had undergone a dramatic transformation. Instead of our playing our usual game of Trivial Pursuit, we now spend our meetings studying a different topic each week from binders I created and divided into sections such as history, math, geography, and literature. At our weekly meetings, I assign my team-mates homework from their binders and, rather, than feeling like a difficult teacher, I feel pride in the fact that our team actually has a curriculum now by which we can be challenged. As a member of Academic Competition team, I saw that change was necessary and, as president, I took the initiative to make this change a reality along with the cooperation of my teammates. Th e fact that I contributed to my teams by revamping our strategies and preparation techniques outweighs the fact that we secured a win by correctly answering the KFed question. My experiences as president of Academic Competition show that I am a driven individual who has the ability to follow through with a plan.

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Stalin In the late 1920's, a man named Joseph Stalin came into power in Russia. Before he came into power, Russia had been faced with a big downfall, a fall of lots of things. Things consisting of their economy, government, military, and pretty much everything else. When Joseph came into power he was very serious about his job and wanted the "best" for his fellow Soviets, or maybe in my opinion, for his ego. As soon as he came into power he started right away on a "Five Year Plan", which basically was all about having the government control everything, how convenient for him. Stalin also started many other new plans and ideas, which all ultimately gave the government more and more, power. The government grew very strict and didn't allow anyone to rebel, or basically have thoughts of his or her own. If citizens or anyone for that matter did rebel they would then be sent to work at camps, become imprisoned, or killed.Young Stalin, circa 1894, age 16, and Ioseb in his...

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Employment Trends Services Industry Soars

Employment Trends Services Industry Soars For many job seekers, employment reports have indicated that jobs, particularly in the service industry, are plentiful. Recent unemployment numbers have held steady at 5.3 percent, representing a seven-year low. It is expected that the last two quarters will post a trend toward even more encouraging employment numbers. Sector GrowthSome sectors are posting an increase in the number of available jobs. For instance, growth in health care, retail, technology, professional services and finance jobs is encouraging. At the same time, some areas such as the energy sector posted lower job offerings, largely due to the glut in oil and decreased commodity prices. Overall, the service industry posted the largest gains. The biggest decrease was found  in the manufacturing sector.Service Sector and Retail Trade GrowthThe U.S. Department of Labor noted that the majority of job growth is related to the upswing in service sector jobs. Food service jobs grew by 376,000 in the past year, the leaderà ‚  in all sectors. This trend is the strongest and is positioned for greater growth. The growth of 322,000 jobs in the past year among retail workers is also encouraging. Creating a perfect retail resume is your first step to take if you want to apply for retail jobs.Other Sectors With GainsGains were seen in other sectors, with health care jobs adding 28,000 jobs for the month and 436,000 for the year. Jobs available in hospitals rose by 16,000. Computer design grew by a modest 9,000 jobs, while engineering and architectural jobs gained about 6,000 positions. Transportation-related jobs grew by 146,000 overall.Health Care JobsThe rise in health care jobs is related to demographic changes including an aging population and health insurance modification. These changes make  health care a good sector for aspiring job applicants.Dental and nurse practitioner jobs also offer a potential for rapid growth and an excellent salary base. Health care assistant jobs overall are plentiful.Look ing for a JobBeing aware of job offerings is the first step in gaining employment. Older methods of using job want ads are limited, and more applicants are turning to online searches to find work. TheJobNetwork provides you with a way to stay on top of jobs as they become available, letting you apply quickly before the position is filled.TheJobNetwork lets you search a vast database filled with opportunities obtained from various sources. This free-to-use database makes it easy by listing your job preferences and criteria as well as your qualifications. When matching jobs are found, an email alert is sent to you. Signing up with this job search platform enhances your chance of securing the type of employment you want.

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Strategic Human Resource Management College Case Study

Strategic Human Resource Management College - Case Study Example It is possible to say that performance management is a central tool used by both companies to meet business objectives and goals. Performance management allows different companies to balance the need to embed processes with the need to be flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances. According to Greer (2000) management often supplements performance management by competency frameworks; appraisal is more frequently conducted through multiple perspectives; rewards decisions are more likely to be decentralized; and formal training is supplemented by coaching and self-development activities. In this case, it is possible to say that the application of performance management is influenced by the degree and experience of change, the involvement and commitment of line managers, and the transparency and perceived fairness of the process (Nkomo et al 2004). Training and self-development of employees are the key concepts identified in the case studies. All the companies placed great emphasis on training and development, with "most having a number of large-scale training initiatives either in place or being developed, sometimes as part of a broader cultural change program" (Nkomo et al 2004, p. 23). There is clear evidence that all the organizations are increasing their investment in training in order to compete on the market. Significant qualitative differences emerged between the types of training offered. Performance management is expected to regulate both motivation and ability to work. Performance management is usually conceptualized as consisting of three elements: (1) objective setting, (2) formal performance evaluation, and (3) linkage between evaluation outcomes and development and rewards, in order to reinforce desired behavior (Nkomo et al 2004).. Motivation is important because it influences commitment to work and productivity, morale and culture. Even if a company succeeds in constraining their behaviors in this way, the prescription might dampen the very motivation and creativity that the company seeks from them and depends upon for business performance. 'Business targets' also emerges as a significant source of motivation in all organizations. Motivation and rewards is an important part of change management helping companies to overcome resistance to change and inspire employees. One tempting interpretation of these results would be to argue that the personal motivation o f managers is of much greater importance in explaining the involvement of line managers than formal institutional incentives and pressures (Greer 2000). In any case, the personal motivation of managers is influenced by their organizational environment. B. The main similarity between Ford and Toyota management is the strategic approach to human resource management. Both companies had to change their working culture and improve professional skills of employees. Toyota created a positive environment where employees perceived that they easily acquired new skills and knowledge. Similar to Toyota, Ford introduced training programs for engineers and production workers. The main difference was that Ford emphasized on-job training and development while Toyota paid a special attention to motivation